Modern Master Bath Remodel

North Raleigh / Falls of Neuse

These clients were in desperate need of an update to their 15-year-old builder-grade bathroom for their home in North Raleigh, off Falls of Neuse near 540. There was no expanding the size or configuration – everything stayed where it was. But even so, we made a huge difference in the quality of life, as well as optimizing storage and usability. How? Here were the problems I addressed, while also bringing this into the modern era:

1. The door – having a traditional hinged door in such a small space took up so much room. There was no other option for a barn/slider or ghost-door, so I installed a pocket door.

2. The shower – these sweet parents have a special needs teenage daughter who showers here because she cannot get into or out of a tub. It needed to be more accessible. I expanded the opening and replaced the enclosure so it opens wider.

3. Aging-in-place – these clients are getting older and wanted their bathroom designed so they can stay in their home. I lowered the threshold as much as possible, but made it wider so it can be stepped on. With a slab foundation, we couldn’t do a zero-entry without a huge amount of work, so I did what I could. I also added grab bars for the toilet paper holder and adjustable handspray rod in the shower. We positioned this symmetrical with another grab bar so there are options for getting into and out of the shower as well as while using it.

4. Storage – the old cabinet was short and didn’t take advantage of the entire wall. I expanded the vanity across the whole wall so it looks purposeful but also gives as much storage as possible…yet not skimping on counter space. Tall order! While we were at it, I added the two towers on top and some shelves over the toilet, since there is no linen closet.

Instead of doing a typical four-inch backsplash on the vanity, I took it all the way to the top of the towers, mimicking the look in the shower. This became my favorite part of the whole design because it’s so dramatic and beautiful behind those mirrors. And speaking of the mirrors, with so many square edges, I went with ovals to soften the look a bit. I chose sconces with a bit of a vintage feel, to tone down and contrast with the modernness of the tile and cabinet. Those hooks you see on the back wall are because the client loves birds, so these double as art and function, to hang towels.

All the aspects of a twenty-first century bathroom that will take them into the future, with my signature modern-yet-timeless aesthetic, but with added safety features.

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